Group Insurance/Benefits

MedicalBSG provides a wide variety of options which can fit almost any request. BSG will assist in determining which policies provide the maximum benefit at the most reasonable rates without compromising quality.

DentalBSG can provide a dental plan to fit each employer’s needs. The companies that BSG represents offer flexible, high quality dental benefits for large and small employers (or employers of any size).

LifeBSG represents a large number of insurance companies that provide us with the most competitive rates available. BSG will quote your life insurance with all insurance companies to ensure you receive the most complete insurance at the lowest available rate.

Vision – Vision insurance is a low-cost benefit that can enhance any benefit package. BSG is able to provide numerous options, from self-funded to a fully-insured plan.

DBL – Short Term and Long Term Disability benefits, or both, are offered as options through BSG. BSG will assist in determining which policy is right for you and your employees, taking into account the income, profession, and length of time desired.

401(k) – Retirement savings offered through the workplace are a valuable benefit. Whether you desire company match, the maximum number of investment choices, or emergency access, BSG represents institutions which can fulfill your needs.

Third Party Administration

Flexible Spending Accounts & Premium Only PlansBSG offers a complete range of Section 125 services. Premium Only Plans (POP) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) are excellent low-cost benefits for employers to provide to employees. Flexible Benefit Plans will reduce the employer’s payroll tax and increase the employee’s net pay, a win-win proposition for the employer and employees.

Partial Self-FundingBSG TPA operations’ partial self-funding MAX105 program provides alternatives to current traditional insured plans for medical, hospital, and prescription drug benefits without the risk of fully self-funding. The employer is able to cut insurance costs by managing risk. BSG has saved employers up to 49% of their health insurance benefits costs, without decreasing or jeopardizing benefits, by using this innovative approach.

Total Self-FundingBSG can address the medical benefit needs of larger employers providing a fully self-funded option with stop-loss. BSG will assist in plan design, documentation and implementation of a plan specifically developed to meet the needs of each employer.

Self-Insured Dental/Direct DentalBSG is endorsed by the American Dental Association to provide and administer Direct Dental Reimbursement Plans. Direct Dental (DD) is a cost-efficient, self-funded benefit plan that reimburses for covered dental care expenses. Using DD, the dollars spent are directed toward treatment rather than insurance. DD is a customized, cost-effective approach, which maintains freedom of choice without increasing the program costs.

Billing AdministrationBSG performs billing administration for employers of all sizes, groups, associations and chambers.

COBRA Administration – BSG provides COBRA Administration beginning with the initial notification following through to the premium collection. BSG maintains a database of qualifying beneficiaries as well as computer records of all notices sent. We also, provide the ARRA information and track the ARRA premium rate converting it to the normal COBRA rate when the timeframe has run out.

HSA Administration – BSG performs HSA Administration which provides complete account management at your fingertips. Its secure web portal gives the employer and it’s employees 24/7 access to account balances, history, forms, documents, as well as provides for online claims storage.

Health Reimbursment Account Administration -The BSG HRA program provides additional innovative alternatives to traditional insurance plans for medical, hospital, and prescription drug benefits without the risk of fully self-funding.