WELCOME to the new interactive BSG website. For your convenience, you can access account and claim information for your Flexible Spending Account(s), Max105 health insurance and/or HSA(s) administered by BSG. You may also access necessary forms for these benefits. Login to the right to access your Account Information.
ADDRESS CHANGES: Address changes for the Flexible Spending Accounts, MAX105 health insurance, or Direct Dental may be E-MAILED to: barb@benefitservicesgroup.net

For your convenience, we have also provided links to a number of outside carriers. Our clients can now easily access forms, provider networks, order ID cards, etc. To use this feature, click on the web address for the insurance company.

Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield - Phone Number: 1-877-381-8659 request ID card, update address, update policy, etc.  www.excellusbcbs.com    Medical Claim Form: https://www.excellusbcbs.com/wps/wcm/resources/file/ebb74f4581cb503/claim.pdf     Prescription Claim Form FLRX:  Phone number  – 1-800-724-5033https://www.excellusbcbs.com/wps/wcm/resources/file/eb985e05da4161e/msa_09_0408.pdf    Mail Order Prime Mail:   Phone number  – 1-866-260-0487

Emblem HealthPhone Number – 1-800-624-2414    claim status, print new cards, update address etc.: http://www.emblemhealth.com/                       Pharmacy Mail in Medco Claim Form: http://ghi.com/pdf/medco_mail_order_form.pdf  General Site: http:/www.medco.com


SSA – Support Services Alliance - Phone Number – 1-800-252-7911 Health, dental, vision insurance etc. Support Services Alliance, Inc – Leading Small Business Success


First Ameritas Dental -Phone Number – 1-800-659-5556 claim status, dental directory, benefits.  www.firstameritasgroup.com                                                                      First Ameritas Dental Claim Form: http://firstameritasgroup.com/apps/assets/content.asp?doc=1043


GuardianPhone Number – 1-888-278-4542 dental, 401(k) access accounts, change 401(k) elections, provider network, customer services. http://glic.com/home_set.html                                                                      401(k) account summary: http://guardianretirement.com                       Guardian Dental Claim Form: http://www.guardianlife.com/employee_benefits/ada.pdf                                    Guardian Life Claim Form: http://www.guardianlife.com/service_center/gg42.pdf Short Term Disability Claim Form: http://www.guardianlife.com/service_center/gg011096.pdf                                    Long Term Disability Form: http://www.guardianlife.com/service_center/nro315.pdf  Statutory Disability: 



AFLACPhone Number – 1-800-992-3522  http://aflac.com                                                                                      Cancer Claim Form: http://www.aflacny.com/us/en/docs/policyholders/claimforms/NY-S-00220.pdf                                                                        I   Injury/Accident Claim Form: http://www.aflacny.com/us/en/docs/policyholders/claimforms/NY-S-00198.pdf              Short Term Disability due to Accident/Injury: http://www.aflacny.com/us/en/docs/policyholders/claimforms/NY-S-00198.pdf              Short Term Disability due to Illness/Pregnancy:  http://www.aflacny.com/us/en/docs/policyholders/claimforms/NY-S-2029.pdf


First Rehab Life Insurance Company of America - Phone Number – 1-800-365-4999  vision, 100% solution :  http://firstrehab.com              First Rehab Vision Claim Form: http://firstrehab.com/downloaddocument/forms/GVCNYF2.pdf                               100% Solution Claim Form: http://firstrehab.com/downloaddocument/forms/GMRNYF2.pdf                          Disability Claim Form:  http://firstrehab.com/downloaddocument/forms/DBLNYF2.pdf


UNUM - Phone Number – 1-800-858-6843 critical illness policy:  http://unum.com Claim Instructions for Disability, Life etc. disability insurance, life insurance, supplemental insurance, cancer insurance, accident insurance, long term disability, LTD, long term care, short term disability, group disability, benefits administration, income protection, individual coverage, group cove


Business Council Of N Y S - Phone Number – 1-800-692-5403      Dental, Vision, Disability, etc: The Business Council                               Dental General: http://ny.yourdentalsolutions.com/bcnys                              

Claim Forms: Insurance Forms – The Business Council of New York State, Inc.


United Health CarePhone Number – 1-888-842-4571 Health Insurance Health Insurance Claim Form:


MVP - Phone Number – 1-800- Health Insurance etc: Welcome to MVP Health       Forms:  MVP Health Care – Members – Forms


National Benefit Life - Phone Number –  added when it becomes available


MetLife - Phone Number – 1-800-275-4638  Metropolitan Life Insurance                   Dental Claim Form: https://eforms.metlife.com/wcm8/cmsclient/eForms_PROD_Deployment/3400/3226.pdf


The Hartford : Phone Number – 1-800-547-5000 The Hartford Group                   Life and disability claims: The Hartford Group Benefits – Claim Questions